SACHITA is an artist who is known for her diverse artistic works. She moved from Chandigarh (Northern Part of India) a couple of years back and is currently residing in Hyderabad (Southern India).

She studied Public Relation and Marketing and having worked for one year in as Public Relations Executive, she opted out and followed her calling for art which had been an inseparable part of her since her childhood. She has won accolades for her paintings and has travelled India extensively studying the varied artistic traditions and styles in pursuance to her insatiable artistic drive.

Although She got herself admitted to Government College of Arts at Chandigarh to study sculpture, however, painting became her overpowering passion and her profession. In the past few year Sachita has created hundreds of canvases, in her own unique style of diversified art which has invited viewers from varied strata of thoughts and professions.

Such conceptual approach of diversified art form had been developing in Sachita since early childhood which is apparent in the immense variety and the ever-expansive scope of her art. Sachita paints with brushes, fingers, knife, pend, different other objects for textures when she is internally driven and emotionally charged to enhance the effect on the canvas.